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About Us

Miles Backhouse opened his Mississauga-based corporate law practice in 2005 after 25-years of working successfully in the business world. He made the change from business-owner to lawyer, knowing that he could provide his colleagues with a much-needed business-focused legal service, from someone who can empathize with and understand the challenges of corporate and business ownership.

Miles is experienced in managing, owning and restructuring businesses. He has dealt with the financial, employment and legal sides of business; corporate restructuring; buyouts of shareholders; negotiating and structuring sales of businesses, and succession planning.


Do you have a privately owned business? Miles and his team will help you gain a competitive advantage through advice on proper corporate governance; due diligence in drawing up contracts and business negotiations; protection of trademarks, patents and copyrights, and by helping you defend your “turf” in a legal action or by finding common ground when appropriate.  


Miles and his team are devoted to assisting individuals, business owners, professionals and families in finding and realizing a unique estate or business solution that best suits their personal or business needs.  


We are dedicated to Integrity and Service.


Miles presents his clients with a balanced analysis of their legal issues, and with considered and creative legal solutions. We recognize the profound effect that legal challenges can have on our clients and we strive to provide service with compassion, understanding and through results that reflect our client’s wishes and values.

Miles has been where you are, he knows how to navigate the legal and business worlds, and he can help you understand your matter and find the best possible legal outcome.

Are you starting up your own business? Is your business restructuring? Is your business facing bankruptcy, Insolvency or require other tax-related legal advice?

Are you looking to create a trust, a will or a plan for your estate?

Are you planning the transfer of your business to the next generation? In the event that you become incapacitate or die, does your family know your financial wishes?

Miles and his team cater to those seeking assistance with these types of issues, and will help you to find an effective resolution or plan for your business and personal legal matters. 


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